Cut away environment clutter with Bamboo Products

Bamboo can grow as tall as a Boeing 737-500 aircraft. Unlike Boeing, though, the 100-foot-tall plant absorbs CO2 in the atmosphere, making it a carbon-neutral plant. This incredible plant is so versatile that one can make fabric, tissues, and so much more with it. Using bamboo products can significantly improve the planet's health.

Fast and fabulous, this speedy plant grows so fast that it's a hero of renewability. These chemical-free bamboo products need less water and energy to produce. Renewable and natural, bamboo is the future of sustainable products.

Environmentally friendly products are the bread and butter of a sustainable environment!

Mother nature’s love language is natural. But humans have upset the fragile balance through the overexploitation of natural resources. This is where eco-friendly products come in! They lead the way in restoring balance through chemical-free processes and recycled packaging.

Eco-friendly products are the ultimate guardians of nature and protectors of humans. Let's dive in to discover the green benefits of these sustainability superstars -

  1. Down goes the environmental impact!

    Join the eco-friendly brigade! Eco-friendly goods use renewable and sustainable raw materials, like bamboo. No chemical use during production and low water and energy use means a lower eco-impact. And math counts! Lower environmental impact equals higher positive eco-change!

  2. Preserve, not reserve natural resources!

    Sustainable harvesting of plants like bamboo can help reduce dependency on non-renewable resources. Bamboo is to plastic what Superman is to Lex Luthor! Plastic products need fossil fuels and a whole lot of water and energy during production. Bamboo has all the qualities of a durable and versatile product without the use of chemicals.

    Bamboo products are the natural hero the planet needs!

  3. Reduce, don’t excuse waste!

    Reuse, reduce and recycle. Most single-use plastic products do not fit into this category. Bamboo products can be reused and recycled. It also helps reduce waste as they are generally biodegradable or compostable.

    The bamboo tissue paper used to serve snacks at a party? That will biodegrade to produce nutrient-rich soil when composted. So, get gardening and save the environment!

  4. Chemical-free and healthy!

    No chemicals mean no rashes, allergies or irritation! Just the warm embrace of nature. Bamboos are naturally antibacterial so they need no pesticide intervention during farming. Throughout manufacturing, no chemicals are used to whiten the bamboo or to make it into a pulp.

    Bamboo brings the A-game to the eco-friendly train!

Bamboo products bear the weight of personal care!

Imagine finding an old toothbrush on the sands of a beach. Isn’t that off-putting? But that is the reality of most plastic products ever created. From plane parts to bottles, every plastic material ever made will exist for another few generations.

The solution? Bamboo. Bamboo personal care products include bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo wipes, bamboo tissue roll, and more.

Bamboo goods are the OG! They are sensitive skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable and recycled packaging. They provide the same care as normal personal care products without harming the environment.

The kitchen too can be bamboo-happy!

Imagine cleaning a spill in the kitchen with paper towels. The mess! Lint and crumpled paper lying everywhere, along with water that still hasn’t been soaked up. The waste may hurt the soul but the spill needs to be taken care of.

Bamboo kitchen towels are 5 times more absorbent, perfect for all surfaces and reusable! Wash and reuse these up to 100 times. Clean kitchen, clean environment!

For more eco-friendly kitchen goods, go to Beco! It’s a one-stop shop for organic baking paper, tissue rolls and more!

Tote away with eco-friendly picks!

Chemical-free and biodegradable! Pick that offending piece of food out with a bamboo pick.

Bamboo toothpicks disappear within months just like the debris from one’s teeth upon brushing. But why not wooden toothpicks? While they degrade quickly, their production levies a heavy cost to the environment.

Environmentally friendly products like cotton tote bags and bamboo toothpicks are daily use heroes. Their biggest advantage is no more new single-use plastic mountains around landfills and oceans. No pile-ups and no more toxicity! After all, toxins are so passé! It’s time for natural and healthy bamboo goods for a better environment and health.

Bambooing is the way to be friends with the environment

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. Its regenerative abilities and renewable qualities make it the environment's best friend. Easily discarded due to its biodegradable nature, bamboo products make home and personal care a refreshing and eco-friendly experience. Also, worry-free for those who obsess over the best way to dispose of their home products.

These products help reduce the human impact on the environment. It's basically a whiz at preserving natural resources and boosting environmental health.

So, shop today at Beco for eco-friendly products for the home and kitchen!


What makes bamboo an eco-friendly material? Why is it a good choice for environmentally aware consumers?

Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant and regenerates easily as well. No chemicals or excess water or energy are used during its production. The raw material is versatile, durable and lightweight. This makes it the perfect choice for the eco-conscious!

What common bamboo products are available for personal care? How are they better for the environment than traditional products?

There are many bamboo personal care products on the market today. Some of Beco’s products include -

There are many bamboo Bamboo products are biodegradable and compostable. They break down within months, unlike their plastic counterparts. Making them the perfect choice to replace synthetic and chemical products today.

Can bamboo goods be used as a replacement for traditional paper and plastic products in the home?

Bamboo-made goods are a popular alternative to paper and plastic today. It's perfect for the manufacture of everything from fabrics and disposable utensils. These products break down in the environment within months and leave no toxic residue.

How can bamboo goods be disposed of properly? How does their disposal impact the environment?

Bamboo has a lower environmental impact compared to its counterparts. Upon disposal, they break down within a short period. So, no more trash pile-ups in the oceans and the landfills!

Either trash it or compost the bamboo goods for nutrient-rich soil.

Are bamboo-made goods more expensive than traditional products? How can consumers find affordable options?

The cost of a bamboo-based product may vary depending on the manufacturer. But yes, they are more expensive than traditional products.

Brands such as Beco, offer cost-effective options for bamboo-based products. Their products may include packs of 6, 8, 12 or more for products such as tissues, towels and brushes.