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Top 10 Eco-friendly Products in India to Make Your Life Simpler

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Top 10 Eco-friendly Products in India to Make Your Life Simpler 


 Top 10 Eco-friendly Products You Start Using Today 

Every year India generates 3.3 million metric tonnes per year, of which 40% remains uncollected. Where does it go, you ponder? To the landfills, which then makes it to the oceans, and eventually in the water and food we consume. And there’s much more, but we don’t want to bore you with that right now.

To go zero waste suddenly is a task, we totally agree, but to start with small steps to be eco-friendly is really quite easy. It’s all about making the right choices and keeping at it.

Our surveys with customers and non-customers taught us that the biggest challenge they have faced so far is not with buying their first environmentally friendly product but –

  • keeping up with the sustainable lifestyle and continue buying products at an affordable price 
  • feeling clueless about what small eco-friendly changes to make daily

Relatable much? Well, we hear you and are sharing these easiest everyday changes and most affordable products in the market today you can switch to:

1. Cloth Bags for the win! Really.

It’s high time you ditch the plastic bags you get the vegetables, fruits or snacks in because they’re just not needed. Carry an eco-friendly cloth bag from home instead which you can keep reusing again and again and again. You can start this today itself!

 2. Trash it in Compostable Garbage Bags 

Any kind of plastic bag used for any purpose is still a plastic bag that takes 500 years to decompose, and you surely don’t want to be part of the problem. Compostable Garbage Bags are the way to go, needless to say that they completely decompose in the environment within 6 months. Also, they’re NOT the same as biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags still leave residue in the environment as they break down in smaller particles and decompose entirely. You can check out Beco Compostable Garbage Bags, they’re sturdy and trusted by consumers.

3. Reusable Coffee Cups – On the go! 

It’s really easy to go and buy a cup of coffee, but it’s really not that easy on the environment. Your one cup takes 30 years to decompose. Who knew coffee could cost so much to the planet, right? An easy way to deal with this, go for a reusable coffee cup and carry it with you always for that cup of coffee.

 4. Reusable Tissues or Cloth 

We practically use a thousand tissues a day! Went a bit overboard with that number, but you get what we mean. These chlorine bleached tissues not only affect your skin but also the environment. Millions of trees are cut every year to produce paper and tissues, which are used once, trashed and don’t decompose easily! Use bamboo products like reusable tissues instead which you keep washing and reusing again and again. You can check Beco Reusable Towels or Beco Facial Tissues.

 5. Bamboo Toothbrushes – Smallest yet the most impactful change ever! 

If you’re still using plastic toothbrushes, then maybe you’re not living in 2021. And if you are, then this is the most basic switch you would make today. Did you know 1 plastic toothbrush takes 1000 years to decompose? That’s like double the time a plastic bag takes. We didn’t know either until we researched. So, we’re making it easy for you, you can check Beco Bamboo Toothbrush. It takes 6 months to decompose – whether home or industrial compost. And if you’re worried about the bristles, our bristles are corn-starch based.

 6. Stainless Steel Bottles 

We don’t think you need more statistics on how many years a plastic bottle will take to biodegrade now. You’ve already got the drill. How many times do we head out and just buy a bottle of water? Almost every day. And how easy is it to carry a bottle in the bag? Quite easy. So then why not just do that right? Opt for stainless steel bottles that will last you a lifetime!

 7. Cotton Buds 

Something as small as an ear bud takes eons to biodegrade. It affects marine life to a greater extent. Switch to recycled paper stick cotton buds and ditch the age-old plastic sticks. They are eco-friendly and decompose too.

 8. Recycled Cutlery


Plastic cutlery that is widely used across is only used once and thrown away. Whether it’s a party, BBQ night, tiffin lunches, or restaurant takeaways, the plastic usage has no limits. Reduce, reuse and recycle the use of cutlery. Reduce plastic cutlery, reuse the old ones and recycles the ones you are trashing. Choose to go for recycled cutlery or bamboo cutlery, they’re completely eco-friendly products and have 0 negative impact on nature.

 9. Bamboo Tissue Rolls 

We’ll directly give you a way out here – Beco Tissue Rolls are bamboo based and are not made from trees. Moreover, these tissues aren’t white bleached and are completely chemical free. The tissues easily flush out and decompose in the environment without any toxic residue. This saves water, trees and reduces carbon emissions.

 10. Eco-friendly and Natural Home Cleaners 

While we’re so used to the usual chemicalized cleaners, whether its floor, bathroom, laundry or dishwash liquids, it’s time we also understand the underlying effect of each of these toxic cleaners on our home and skin. The cleaning products you use around your home are made of environmentally harmful chemicals packaged in plastic containers, which is even worse! Choose eco-friendly cleaning products which are derived from natural ingredients and are packaged in eco-friendly containers too.

It’s really not difficult to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s not about being 100% eco-friendly, it’s about taking the first step towards a better lifestyle in the most efficient and affordable manner. Apart from just products, making small changes like saving electricity, timing your shower, reusing clothes, planting trees also go a long way in preserving natural resources and conserving the environment.

Trust us, climate change is not only real but is affecting every single country and city today. The leash is in your hand to change the future. And yes, one person can make a difference!

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