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Cleaning Essentials Hamper

Sale price₹1,650
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"100% Bamboo based 50 Two Ply Napkins 2x More Absorbent Safe for sensitive skin Multi-purpose "

Our favourite festival is just around the corner and we can’t keep it in, any longer!
Introducing our very own Cleaning Essentials Combo, power-packed with EVERYTHING you need to sweep the toxic junk out of your home! It comes with:

Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll x 1
Pack of Garbage Bags (M-sized) x 1

Bamboo Facial Tissues (100 Pulls) x 1

Pack of Serving Napkins (50 sheets) x 1
Dishwashing Liquid Refill Carton x 1
Laundry Cleaner Refill Carton x 1
Floor Cleaner Refill Carton x 1

This combo is everything you need, for a sparkling & toxin-free home this Diwali!


Below you will find some common questions asked by our customers about the Laundry Liquid.Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Can the serving absorb oil from the food?

Yes, it can easily absorb oil from the food as compared to the recycled tissue paper Napkins.

Are the serving compostable?

Yes, the serving napkins are 100% compostable.

Why are these tissues brown in colour?

These eco-friendly napkins/tissues are made from bamboo.

Can I use these tissues as a serving napkin at lunch/dinner?

Totally! They’re exactly for that. These sustainable napkins are a good look on the table as they’re natural and surely look different (thanks to the light brown colour)


Sushmita Rekhi
Recently began my eco-friendly journey and came across Beco. Eco-Friendly and sustainable products at such affordable prices.
Riya Arora
I accidentally landed on the Beco website and never left, intentionally ;) Small step to a sustainable future. #ThankyouBeco
Paridhi Bhandari
Once you try Beco there is simply no turning back. Beco, you have a fan for life because I ain’t going anywhere, promise!
Fatema Bhinderwala
Beco is a brand that genuinely cares about our mother Earth. My eco- friendly heart is happy. That’s it, that’s the line :)
Shrikant Shahu
At first I thought it was yet another gimmicky brand but boy, was I wrong. No gimmicks, no lies, just truly sustainable.