5 Beco Bamboo Products You Must Have

With the augmenting awareness about the environment and its well-being, the market is being inundated with new eco-friendly bamboo products every now and then. Switching to such products resonates with a good cause so it’s a necessity for the new-age world, but does this switch have to be boring? The answer is no. 

Shopping for home care and personal care products that are intriguing and innovative is always fun. What’s the sad part? Well, in the category of eco-friendly products, we usually don’t find many interesting items, but contributing to the environment’s happiness doesn’t have to deprive you of your own. If this has got you wondering, we are here to sort it out for you.

Make your switch to the eco-friendly world easier and more fun with bamboo products from Beco. From bamboo toothbrushes and combs to tissue paper and towels, Beco gives you myriad options when it comes to such eco-friendly products. The best part is that these products aren’t just curated as an environment-friendly initiative, but they also provide you with a great experience in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

If you are wondering what bamboo-based products you should begin your eco-friendly lifestyle with, we have you covered with some exemplary must-have options. Here are five Beco products that you should shop for right away to kickstart your eco-friendly journey:

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush

Now that you have made up your mind about switching to eco-friendly products, why not start from the basics? These eco-friendly wooden toothbrushes from Beco are an amazing option for you to get your hands on.

These are 100% bamboo-based and infused with the goodness of charcoal bristles. Additionally, Beco's toothbrushes are completely free of plastic. These aren’t just good for your pearly whites but also safe to use for your little ones.  

The eco-friendly toothbrush from Beco count among the most popular eco-friendly products available online which adds to the list of reasons why you should get your hands on this product.

  1. Bamboo Kitchen Towel

Are you opting for regular towels to clean the spills off your kitchen surfaces? If yes, the environment is requesting you to stop now. Regular kitchen towels aren’t a good option for the planet since they harm it in more ways than one.

If that has got you wondering what the better option is, Beco has you covered. Well, Beco’s bamboo kitchen towels are here to make this choice easier for you. These make for a perfect kitchen buddy since they are five times more absorbent, machine-washable, and safe for both pets and kids. Besides, they are made up of bamboo and contain no harmful chemicals. 

What's stopping you? Shop for this reusable kitchen towel roll now, and bring your kitchen superhero home to embark on an eco-friendly journey.


  1. Bamboo Cotton Buds

Baby steps can make a huge difference in the long run. If you resonate with this notion, cotton buds are an amazing option for you to begin your eco-friendly journey with.

Beco’s bamboo cotton buds are made out of 100% pure virgin cotton and paper sticks. Besides, the pet and kid-friendly formula amalgamated with the absence of harmful chemicals is a wonderful way to do your bit for the planet.

You can easily shop for this product online and explore more such products from Beco's range of eco-friendly products. 


  1. Bamboo Tissue Papers

Your beautiful and delicate face deserves all the pampering, but so does our planet. So, what’s the best method of achieving that? Well, Beco’s bamboo toilet papers are the way to go about it.

These toilet tissue papers by Beco are soft and absorbent to give your face a comfortable experience. Moreover, these are crafted from pure bamboo and are completely unbleached to protect your skin from harsh chemicals. The best part is that you get 200 pulls within a box of tissues so that you don’t run out of this skin care essential quickly.


  1. Bamboo Toothpicks

Alt text: These organic toothpicks are a great partner for your pearly whites

Another impeccable option to add to that bright smile of yours, toothpicks make a great partner for your toothbrush to make your pearly whites look better and cleaner. These are one of the most popular bamboo products online.

Beco’s bamboo toothpicks are completely derived from bamboo. They are strong and sturdy for you to easily clean your teeth. Apart from this, these are free of harmful chemicals, safe for both your human and fur babies, and made without cutting or harming any trees. Sound’s intriguing, doesn’t it?

Well, they make the perfect option for you to adopt if you want to switch to eco-friendly products by taking small steps toward sustainability.

Products that keep you and the earth SUPER HAPPY

Alt text: There are a lot of bamboo products available in the market

By now, you must be acquainted with how eco-friendly bamboo products are. So, aren’t you motivated to grab some for yourself right away and begin your journey toward a sustainable future? 

If you choose to buy bamboo products, items like toothbrushes, kitchen towels, and toothpicks are amazing options. They are free of harmful chemicals or toxins, and safe to use for kids and pets, which adds to the list of reasons why you should shop for them.

So, don’t let this motivation of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle go away. Delve into the wide range of eco-friendly products by Beco now. Explore some intriguing products and pick what works best for you.