How Colour Catcher Sheets Work And What They're Made Of

Who has not experienced that 'one dreadful moment' you decided to ask your husband or maid to do the laundry? Yes, they do not have the 'insight' of a housewife to know the importance of washing lights and darks separately. Right? Colour bleeds! Well, it may be obvious to you, but to some, clothes are just clothes, and you wash them together. Now, take a moment to breathe in and out. Understand that you cannot go on stressing out about this simple laundry matter while other important things need your attention. There is an alternative option for all the trouble you take, eco-friendly colour catcher sheets. Read on to find out what these are.

What are colour catcher (CC) sheets and what are they made of? 

They are sheets that are designed to absorb loose dyes that leach out of the clothes while washing. Normally, they are processed cellulose sheets that are similar to clothes. Just like clothes, this thin sheet drinks in colours that bleed from darker clothes into the water. Also, what is special about these washing machine Colour Catcher sheets is that they are designed in such a way that they do not tear up while washing. They act like sponges, soak up all dyes, and remain in the same form as they were before use.

How do Colour Catcher sheets work? 

Remember our science classes where we learned about the positive attracting the negative? That is just what is going on here. There occurs a chemical bonding between the dye molecules that go astray and the binder present in the Colour Catcher sheets so that they don't get separated later. Yes, trapped. Hence, it will not bleed out again.

Haven't you noticed that your clothes become dull after a few washes? Do you know why? While washing, colours as well as dirt loosens up from the clothes and will accumulate on the clothes in course of time, giving an impression of a faded look. These sheets not only absorb loose colours but also dirt. Yes, they give you not just a washing but a clean and thorough washing. No more fading and no more sorting. And that means, you can even put white clothes among black clothes and black will be black and white will be white.

Do Colour Catcher sheets work? 

Of course, they do. You might be wondering if the colour absorbed by the Colour Catcher sheets will transfer to light colour clothes. No, it does not work so. There is no rocket science behind it, but these sheets work like magic. If you are skeptical, you can always try checking it out by doing a simple experiment.

Step 1

  • Take one glass of water.
  • Add one gram of dye to the water and stir well.
  • Put a sheet in the water and wait for 5 minutes.

Step 2

  • Take another glass of water.
  • Put the previously used sheet into the water.
  • Add a piece of cloth to the same water.

Now you can observe that no colours bleed from the sheet, and the piece of cloth you added retains its colour. Come, let us look at it in more detail.

The reason behind this phenomenon is a chemical reaction. Most of the fabric is dyed with industrially manufactured dyes that have lots of chemicals and acids as base ingredients. These produce negatively charged molecules. The laundry colour catcher sheets have positively charged compounds. So naturally, these positively charged molecules attract negatively charged molecules. Once the sheet absorbs the colours that leach out of the clothes these colours are not again transferred to other clothes.

What makes Beco's laundry colour catcher different from the others?

The most important factor that makes Beco's colour catcher sheets different from other similar sheets is that they are eco-friendly. They are made of bio-enzymes that are biodegradable. Unlike other washing machine colour catcher sheets, they do not break down and clog your washing machine. The ingredients that are used in manufacturing these magic sheets are binder, thickener, defoamer, water absorbent humectant, pigment, and anti-bacterial agent.

Do you want to know what makes these Colour Catcher sheets the best? They are free of toxins and parabens and are dryer-safe. They do not damage even your delicate clothes. A single box contains 30 pieces that will last for 30 loads. One sheet per load means it will last for a month. These unscented sheets do not leave any residue on your clothes that causes skin irritation. You can use them both in hot and cold washes, though it is safer to wash dark colours in cold water as hot water tends to loosen up colours faster.

If you are a fan of eco-friendly products and lead a sustainable lifestyle that does not harm our environment at any level, it is most likely that you use naturally dyed clothes. In that case, Beco's eco-friendly Colour Catcher sheets are for you. How? Natural dyes are not 100% colourfast, and that means that you go through lots of cloth-sorting processes. These sheets come in handy if you have a lot of naturally dyed clothes.

Beco's Colour Catcher sheets save you time and effort. Simply wash all the dark and light clothes together and your dark or colourful clothes will have their colours and your light colour clothes will remain light. Not just that, when you use the best Colour Catcher sheets, you can be sure that your washing machine does not release any harsh toxins that contaminate the soil.

Shop now for Beco's Laundry Colour Catcher Sheets and understand the difference between eco-friendly Colour Catcher sheets and the normal store brought sheets that can trap colours.

How to use eco-friendly Colour Catcher sheets

Here we have described in detail how to use them in the washing machine which is top load and front load.

How to use:

For top load:

  • Pull out a sheet and place it in the washing machine.
  • Add clothes and washing powder.
  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Discard it after a single wash.

For front load:

  • Pull out a sheet and place it inside a mesh bag.
  • Put the mesh bag at the back of the drum.
  • Add clothes and washing powder.
  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Discard it after a single wash

You may want to add two sheets in case you are washing your new dark or bright-coloured clothes with your light colour clothes. You may find a colour change in the sheet and that is perfectly fine. After all, that is your proof.


Considering the fast-paced competitive world we live in where we hardly get time for important stuff, having these tiny little things on your laundry shelf is a blessing. Shop now for the best colour catcher sheets that are toxin-free and child-friendly. They save you time and effort. If you have these at your home, you can even trust your kids with laundry duty. With these sheets in your washing machine, your clothes will no longer fade or suffer from colour runs. Instead, they will stay bright and cheerful always.