Want To Celebrate Eco-friendly Festivals? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So!

Want To Celebrate Eco-friendly Festivals? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So!

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Due to the diverse culture of India, there are different festivals celebrated in different regions throughout the year. However, no matter how different they may seem on the outside, every festival is essentially the same at its core. They bring joy and hope into our otherwise mundane lives similar to the eco-friendly personal care products from BECO that bring goodness into our lives.

However, while receiving the joy of festivals, are we not simultaneously depleting the joy of our planet's life? Aren't we doing wrong to stray animals by bursting crackers to proclaim the victory of right over wrong? While daubing chemical colours on our loved ones' faces, are we not exposing their skin to further damage? While celebrating our boisterous festivals, are we not making our planet even duller?


So does that mean we stop enjoying our festivals? Of course not. It just means that we enjoy them responsibly such as by switching to eco-friendly personal care products. They are plastic-free and do not deplete the joy of our planet while letting you enjoy the goodness of nature. You can easily purchase sustainable personal care products from eco-friendly brands like BECO. A celebration should not be accompanied by destruction or guilt. Therefore, it is important to use personal care products so that the joy of festivals is not snapped out of any living being's life. Be it us, the animals, or the planet!

On that note, let us look at five ways by which we can have guilt-free eco-friendly celebrations of festivals using sustainable personal care products:

5 Ways To Enjoy Eco-friendly Festivals

Saying NO To Firecrackers During Diwali

Needless to say, firecrackers are the most harmful element of any festival. They are a major cause of both air pollution and noise pollution. They also harm stray animals immensely. Further, they even perpetuate child labour as underprivileged children are often roped in by factories to manufacture them. Therefore, completely omitting firecrackers from festivals is necessary to have an eco-friendly celebration. To get rid of all that festive pollution post celebration, you can try opting for nature-friendly personal care products from BECO.

Using Organic colours instead of the synthetic ones

Are you one of those who smear colours impulsively during Holi? Of course, Holi is a festival of colours and nobody wants to look colourless or zestless during such a joyous time. However, you also have to be equally aware of the harmful effects of using synthetic colours on your skin. This is why it's important to use nature-friendly personal care products before and after your festival celebration to protect yourself and get rid of all that dirt. Chemical colour powders usually contain elements like copper, iron, silica, lead, etc., which sensitise the skin and cause major inflammation.
With that in mind, it is high time that we have eco-friendly celebrations using organic colour powders that are gentler on the skin. They do not cause dryness or itchiness in our skin and are also environmentally friendly. You can also try using nature-friendly personal care products from BECO after your festival celebrations to rejuvenate yourself.

Gifting Environmentally Friendly Products To Others

What better way to celebrate eco-friendly festivals than by exchanging environmentally friendly personal care products with your friends and family?

You're not only bringing joy to someone else's life but also to our planet. Moreover, you're also gently nudging the other person in a friendly way to switch to eco-friendly personal care products. Taking care of your loved ones shouldn't come at the cost of hampering the Earth, right? In case you're confused about what to gift your loved ones, worry not, because BECO is here to take care of you. From personal care products to home care products, you name it, and they have it! But that's not even the best part! It's the fact that their personal care products help you to have eco-friendly celebrations.

Lighting Diyas Instead Of Lighting Candles

Diyas are made of nature-friendly materials and can be used frequently. You can use them every year, unlike candles that melt from prolonged burning. This is primarily because candles are mostly composed of paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum. They release toxins into the air when lit up, thus polluting the atmosphere. This makes it difficult for you and your loved ones to breathe in that same air. Just like diyas, personal care products from BECO are eco-friendly and worth switching to. Moreover, you will also be helping those communities whose livelihood depends on selling Diyas during festivals. In a way, you'll not only be illuminating your house with Diyas but also the lives of others and our planet. Going organic and traditional is the way to have eco-friendly celebrations during festivals. On that note, you can also use eco-friendly personal care products from BECO to serve yourself and your guests during festivals.

Worshipping Eco-friendly Idols

Celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly manner

With the growing concern about the environment, people have started taking small steps towards having more eco-friendly celebrations during festivals!

Instead of using chemical colours and other inorganic materials to build idols, several artisans across the country have started switching to more eco-friendly materials. Lead- and mercury-free paints are often used to decrease the toxicity that is given out into the world. The traditional inorganic colours are known to cause immense amounts of water pollution and air pollution similar to traditional plastic products. As a result, it is important to use nature-friendly personal care products to reduce plastic pollution. Using idols made of clay is a great nature-friendly alternative to Plaster of Paris (POP). The former does not pollute water bodies. To further reduce the pollution in our environment, you can opt for sustainable personal care products from BECO. As non-artisans, you can contribute by purchasing eco-friendly idols to support both the environment and the livelihood of eco-friendly artisans.

Concluding thoughts

A quote by Oprah Winfrey goes like this: "The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude."

Doesn't this hold true in the context of having more eco-friendly celebrations by making better choices such as using nature-friendly personal care products?

If we start to bring more awareness to our actions in the present and understand their consequences on our future, we will be able to harvest a healthier life for ourselves, our children, and our planet. It is about changing our attitude towards the little things in life, such as switching to eco-friendly personal care products in our daily lives or gifting these nature-friendly personal care products to our loved ones. If you're confused about where to purchase such personal care products, check out BECO. They have a wide range of great-quality, nature-friendly products to meet all your needs. Happy shopping!


Last but not least, life is what we make of it. Therefore, we must ensure that we provide a good life to our future generations by creating a pollutant-free environment by choosing to use nature-friendly personal care products.