Home Essentials Combo (Small)

Home Essentials Combo (Small)

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Bio garbage bags & Kitchen Towel Trial pack it’s a match made in heaven? No, it’s a match made in the kitchen! Get your trash out and your kitchen clean with just this one combo. Our bio- garbage are the cooler version than your regular plastic trash bags. Our kitchen towels can be used upto a 100 times!! Yes, a 100 times. They are more absorbent, hand and machine washable and just overall your very own kitchen superhero. They can be used on all surfaces! They are super absorbent and catch no nasty odor! Wohoo! Trust us, it’s a combination you should try!


Bio-Garbage Bags 

  • Detachable Drawstrings (How cool is that!)
  • Leakproof 
  • Strong enough for both wet & dry waste 
  • Great for disposing of pet litter, diapers, and all kinds of trash