Kitchen Essentials Combo

Kitchen Essentials Combo

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Looking for a good kitchen deal? This is it, your search ends here. Let me tell you what it includes Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels - These kitchen towels can be used up a 100 times!! Yes, a 100 times. Our kitchen towels are more absorbent than paper-based kitchen towels as they are made from bamboo and are hand and machine-washable. They can be used on ALL surfaces and in every corner of your home! Serving Napkins - Beco’s bamboo serving napkins are unbleached, extra absorbent and better for the environment. These premium napkins not only leave you feeling good but ensure the planet thanks you for using them. Use it to wipe your face, and serve the most delicious finger foods, they are excellent to use at the office, home at bars and pubs, or restaurants too! Baking Paper - Beco Baking Paper is made from 100% natural bamboo pulp. Say goodbye to bleached baking papers that are harmful to you and the environment. Our baking paper is multipurpose, use it to bake delicious goodies, wrap your food for on-the-go snacks, keep your food fresh and so much more. Just bake it, wrap and love it!


Kitchen Towel - 20 sheets 

Serving Napkins - (Pack of 1 with 50 napkins each)

Baking Paper - 10 mts 

A kitchen combo, you won’t regret buying! Try and see for yourself!