Natural Dishwashing Liquid - 750 ML Pack of 2

Natural Dishwashing Liquid - 750 ML Pack of 2

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Cuts grime, grease and foul smell effortlessly Built-in Pump Technology Perfect to use on all kitchen ware Safe for sensitive skin 2 Bottle of Dishwashing liquid - 750 ml each


Coconut-based surfactants + 5 natural bio enzymes + wonderful fragrance of Orange & Frangipani = Beco Dishwashing Liquid That’s it, nothing less, nothing more!

That’s the formula of our new natural dishwashing liquid! Also with an in-built pump technology, for optimal usage and zero wastage.

All you need is 2 pumps for a sink full of dishes!

We have a pack of 2 Dishwashing Liquid bottles so that you don’t run out of dishwashing liquid! Try now!