Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas | Top Picks For 2023

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas | Top Picks For 2023

Nowadays, people are becoming more concerned about the environment and guess what, it is trendy too. Hence, they tend to scrutinize every purchase they make and sometimes, even the gift they receive. What if friends, parents, or life partners decided to start sustainable living in the wake of this new year and they are determined to keep it that way?
This blog explores different eco-friendly products such as home care products and personal care products that are suitable for sustainable living and are excellent gifts to those who are determined to do their bit.


How To Identify Eco-Friendly Products?

In simple words, eco-friendly products are those products that do not harm the environment. From the procurement of the raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging shall not by any chance defile or wrong the environment. Going eco-friendly or starting a sustainable lifestyle is not just avoiding plastics.
There is a lot more to the idea. It is going conscious about the things to be bought; quantity, what they are made of, and how it is manufactured and packed. Though sustainable living also includes choosing to reuse, recycle and repair, label checking is the first thing to start with when you are going to make a gift purchase. Read the details on the packet.
The look of the packet says everything about the product itself. If they are packed with recyclable or compostable materials such as paper, cloth, wood, or cardboard then they are eco-friendly products. Manufacturing them does not add to the carbon prints.
Check for labels such as BPA-free, 100% toxin-free, zero harsh chemicals, paraben-free, 100% natural, recyclable, ozone-friendly, reusable, and cruelty-free. Most importantly, avoid products made of plastic or synthetic materials.


Top Eco-Friendly Housewarming Gift Ideas For 2023

Going natural starts from home. From cleaning the home, kitchen utensils and countertops to disposing of garbage responsibly by using completely natural products is the right start towards sustainable living. Discussed here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas such as 100% natural home care, kitchen care, and personal care products curated just for the green warriors of the Earth.


Bambooee Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll

Have you heard of machine-washable and reusable kitchen towels? Beco Bambooee kitchen reusable towel is 100% bamboo-based, absorbs more water than normal paper kitchen towels, and can be washed in the machine too. Surprising, right? Each roll with 20 pulls lasts for about six months. Think about the number of trees you can save.
A kitchen towel made of paper might sound eco-friendly but technically, it is not true. Considering the number of trees to be chopped and the quantity of water used along with a large amount of methane production, an ideal alternative to paper kitchen towels is Beco Bambooee reusable kitchen towels.
This eco-friendly gift that blends comfort with sustainable living is the best option for the clean freaks. Shop now for experiencing the most hygienic kitchen cleaning.


Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Plastics are useful especially when it comes to disposing of wet waste. But in the long run, it becomes a nuisance popping up everywhere even blocking the waterways. What if there is a completely biodegradable option for plastic garbage bags? Yes. With Beco Biodegradable Garbage bags, disposing of the waste is no more a problem.
Made of cornstarch, they are 100% natural, odorless, toxin-free, and have no trace of plastic. Wondering what to give her who is constantly bickering about the number of plastic covers used for waste disposal? Shop now for guilt-free waste disposal.

Home Cleaning Products Combo

Mothers are concerned about the safety of the household. Serving healthy food and keeping the house in pristine condition is their primary concern. If the vessels for cooking or serving are washed with liquid gels made of chemicals then the whole purpose of healthy cooking goes down the drain.
Health starts with hygiene and that calls for chemical-free cleaning products and personal care products. For those who think only chemicals can clean neatly, Beco home care products and personal care products are the answer.
Beco dishwashing liquid does not contain harsh chemicals that could contaminate your food. Instead, it has a coconut-based enzyme that cleans off stubborn dirt and lemon and orange extracts to ensure the vessels are clean and smell fresh.
Beco laundry cleaner with its natural ingredients and essential oils keeps dirt away making the fabric smell naturally fresh all day long. It comes with color protection and is safe for sensitive skin.
Beco floor cleaner made of essential oils and natural ingredients keeps germs and insects at bay making the house clean and fragrant throughout.
Support her in the journey towards 100% sustainable living by gifting this combo of homecare products and kitchen care products that would also go easy on her skin keeping it supple. Shop Now for natural home cleaning liquids.

Bake & Wrap Paper Roll

Earlier, checking the price of the product was the priority but now women are wise enough to check whether the products they buy are safe or not. If 100% natural baking sheets can be bought, why go for bleached parchment paper which is unhealthy for cooking or baking? Made of 100% bamboo pulp, the Beco baking sheet is chlorine-free and organic. It is microwave and oven safe, greaseproof and non-sticky which makes it easy to handle.
Beco Bake & Wrap which is available in 20-meter rolls is a healthier food packaging alternative to other plastic or bleached paper packaging. Shop Now for natural and biodegradable parchment paper and food wrapping sheets and surprise the friend who recently started a baking business. What a novel idea! She would definitely love it.

Laundry Detergent Sheets

Washing becomes a cakewalk with eco-friendly Beco laundry detergent sheets. It is strong enough to remove dirt but gentle enough not to spoil the fabric. It comes in a box of 30 sheets and lasts for 60 washes. What makes Beco laundry detergent sheets different from other chemical detergents is that they remove 25 different types of stains. Well, that is the best part. Just add one or two detergent sheets to the washing machine along with the dirty laundry and wash.
These detergent sheets dissolve fast and leave no residue. Unlike other chemical detergents, these easy-to-carry chemical-free detergent sheets do not bring harm to the machine. Shop Now for the best natural machine-washing experience.

Color Catcher Sheets

No more separate washing for dark and light clothes. Beco Colour Catcher Sheets are so amazing that they absorb all loose colors. Just add one sheet to the single wash load and that would do the trick. A box contains 30 color catcher sheets that are skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and 100% natural. Always place the sheet first before adding the wash load. Shop Now for eco-friendly and hassle-free laundry washing.

Summing Up

Gifts are to celebrate loved ones. Gift them with opportunities to experience a sustainable lifestyle they will thank for. Instead of scratching your head off thinking about what gifts shall be bought for friends and family, Shop Now at Beco, one stop for buying everything eco-friendly personal care products and home care products. Move on towards sustainable living with Beco's eco-friendly products.