Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products For Home Care

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products For Home Care

“Go Green” is a slogan everyone might have come across. But it isn’t just another fancy term meant just for social media posts. With the rising awareness about the degradation of the environment and associated preventive measures, sustainable living has gone beyond being a bougie term for flaunting an eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Since we are acknowledging the harm that our actions have caused to the environment, it is essential to adopt measures that contribute to its well-being. But what is the way to go? Well, for starters, inculcating an eco-friendly way of living in our daily routines can help considerably.

A small step can go a long way. The small step to achieving a cleaner and greener future for our planet is switching to eco-friendly products. To begin with, you can start by replacing your regular home care products with eco-friendly ones that aren’t just good for the environment but also for you and your loved ones.

Beco has a wide array of such eco-friendly products for you to delve into. Our intriguing range of home care products wouldn’t just excite you but also give you a push of motivation to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and do your bit for the planet.

5 Eco-friendly Home Care Products you should start using right away

Picking good home care products can be a task, especially when you are looking out for new ones in the eco-friendly range. But you need not worry, we have you sorted. Here are 5 Eco-friendly home care product options that you can get your hands on to kickstart your sustainable living journey.

Reusable Kitchen Towel on a Hanger
  1. Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll

    We often find ourselves reaching out for towels and tissues to clean various surfaces in the kitchen. But have you ever wondered if regular towels are fit for the environment? Well, the answer is a big no.

    Beco’s Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towel Rolls are a better and eco-friendly product for you to choose as a kitchen buddy. These towel rolls are free of chemicals and toxins, five times more absorbent, and machine-washable.


           2. Bamboo Facial Tissues

      Our face is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body. So, why not give those beautiful faces the softness that they deserve? With eco-friendly products like Beco’s Bamboo Facial Tissues, you can keep both the environment and your face happy.

      Get your hands on these bamboo facial tissues that are curated out of pure bamboo. Our tissues are extra soft and unbleached; therefore, they are amazing for the face. The best part is that these are safe for both babies and pets as well due to their chemical and toxin-free composition. Replace your regular tissues with our Bamboo Facial Tissues and infuse a good change the Beco way.   


             3. Natural Dishwashing Liquid

        What if we tell you that you are consuming more chemicals than food? Yes, that’s true. Ordinary dishwashing liquids contain chemicals that are hazardous to your health. If you are wondering about the solution to this issue, we have you covered with an eco-friendly product free of harsh chemicals available at an affordable price range.

        To opt for a sustainable and natural dishwashing liquid, you can shop for Beco’s Natural Dishwashing Liquid. Infused with power-packed coenzyme technology, this eco-friendly product will not just remove all the dirt or grime from your utensils but also leave them shining like new.


        Bottle of Dishwashing Liquid


              4. Compostable Garbage Bags

          Garbage Bags are supposed to help you get rid of the trash in your home. But what if they add more to the environment’s garbage? Well, regular plastic garbage bags are non-biodegradable and harm the planet in more ways than more. With Beco’s Compostable Garbage bags, you can get dispose of the trash in a cleaner and greener way.

          Our biodegradable garbage bags are curated from cornstarch and are three times stronger than regular garbage bags. Moreover, this eco-friendly product is leakproof and can completely compost in six months.


                5. Natural Floor Cleaner Liquid

            When you clean the floors of your spaces, do you expect them to get inundated with more harmful substances? You don’t, right? But regular floor cleaning liquids are composed of a myriad of harmful chemicals that might be good for killing germs but not for you.

            Beco’s Natural Floor Cleaner Liquid entail coconut-based bio-enzymes and is completely free from harsh chemicals like chlorine and phosphate. What’s more amazing is their toxin-free formula which is amazing for babies and pets. Therefore, you can incorporate this eco-friendly product as a part of your home care range and let your little ones play around freely on the floor.


            Floor Cleaner Liquid For Home

            Sustainable Living is just a few steps away

            Sustainable lifestyles are a rage nowadays and we are not complaining. Making small changes in the kind of products that you use can make a big difference in the long run. Using products such as biodegradable garbage bags, reusable kitchen towels, natural floor cleaners, bamboo toothbrushes and more is a great way to take that first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

            Beco’s great range of products takes you closer into this journey of adopting a way of living that’s not just good for the environment but also safer and healthier for you.

            Explore their eco-friendly products to get more details. Start filling your shopping carts with your favourite sustainable products and shop now.