Let’s Clear the Air on 10 Myths about Sustainable Living Causing Despair

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Ready to hop on the sustainable living wagon? With all the modern comforts and none of the environmental harm, let’s embrace a greener way of living.

A Global Web Index survey found that more and more young people are interested in a sustainable lifestyle. About 62% of Gen Z and 59% of Millenials, to be exact!

Even with a growing love for green, there are many misconceptions associated with sustainability.

Live Lightly with Sustainability

A switch and a flick are all that’s needed! Sustainable living starts with small changes like conserving energy by turning off lights. Slowly one will be able to embrace bigger lifestyle changes that help reduce pollution.

One can later shift to chemical-free goods that are a boon for the environment and the people. No more allergies or rashes from chemicals of daily-use products is a sure plus for the eco-game.

Only for the Green-Hearted: Some Common Myths about Living Sustainably

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be scary! It’s not just a lifestyle for environmentalists, but it’s for anyone wishing to make a positive change. It may sound far-fetched, but sustainability is the superpower that can solve the world’s deep-rooted issues. From pollution to food shortages and poverty, get ready to fight it all away.

Still on the fence because of those pesky stories of sustainability not being sustainable for all? Some common ones include sustainable practices are:

  • Expensive like Gucci
  • Requires one to sacrifice their comfort
  • Only for the environmentally conscious

Popping the Sustainable Myth Balloon!

No, no one needs to give up his/her favourite cup of coffee. Just put it in a reusable cup and be merry! That’s the key to true sustainability! Nature’s resources are scarce and limited. Using them consciously is the foremost principle of going green.

It’s about making the choice to invest in eco-friendly products. It’s about choosing to take a bus or ride a cycle to work. Let’s debunk some sustainable lifestyle myths haunting the green world.

  1. Heavy as a hammer on the wallet

    Think sustainability is only for the rich and famous? Think again! While it’s true that some earth-friendly products can be pricey, they’re often more cost-effective in the long run. That means no need to say goodbye to one’s hard-earned cash or the planet!

  2. Sacrifice is the elusive price

    Sustainability aims to increase the comfort and health of all. Just try swapping plastic bags with a fashionable tote. Or use home care products like bamboo kitchen towels instead of tissues. A win-win for savings and the environment. Sacrifice no more; get rid of the gore!

  3. For environment lovers only

    Its commonly believed that sustainability is for those who love the environment enough to be activists. But it’s for all who care about the planet and its future.

  4. Self-sufficiency is the only way

    Whether someone has a blue thumb or green thumb, they need only become a plant parent if they want to. Sustainability is about the reduction of waste and common pollutants. All one has to do is shop locally and organically!

  5. No plastic is just drastic

    In today’s world, it’s probably impossible to eliminate plastic from everyday life entirely. But it can be replaced! Try shopping for bamboo products with recycled packaging instead! Another reasonable idea is to use eco-friendly products like cotton tote bags to eliminate single-use plastics.

  6. Natural alone is Sustainable

    Natural ingredients in a product are not the only indicator of sustainability. Check the packaging to ensure the product is chemical and bleach-free. Consider if the packaging is made with eco-friendly materials, recycled or biodegradable.

  7. Recycling is the only cycle needed

    Recycling is great, but it’s not enough! Instead, try cycling to work every day. It’ll be like giving the gift of health to oneself and the environment! Reduce and recycle both plastic and Co2!

  8. One person is not enough to make a dent

    Every little action by every individual counts. A reusable bag here stops a plastic bag from landing in the ocean! Accomplish small acts of sustainability today for a bigger wave of green tomorrow!

  9. Vegan is the sustainability dragon

    Being vegan is not the only way to be sustainable. Locally sourcing organic essentials for the daily bread gets one on the green end of the scale!

  10. A glutton of time

    Anxious that it takes time to do things the eco-friendly way? Set a routine, and once everyone’s adjusted to it, then no more worries. Using a reusable cup of coffee or a steel bottle for water will ultimately save time and money.

Time to Live Sustainably, Not Unhappily!

Eco-friendly practices don’t need to come with a wagon full of sacrifices. Here are a few tips to make a cosy eco-friendly house -

  1. Regional plus seasonal is the combo of the Gods: Shop for organic and in-season vegetables and fruits from local farms and markets.
  2. Plant-based products are the true heroes: Bamboo products like wipes, tissues, baking paper, etc., are one’s best friends in a plant-friendly home.
  3. Compost, don’t toss: Instead, start a compost in a compostable garbage bag or bin in the backyard.
  4. Bask in the goodness of green cleaning: Eco-friendly cleaning products made with plant starch are tough on stains but gentle on the environment.
  5. The 3 Rs are better than cars: Reduce, reuse, and recycle but also cycle or take the bus when travelling.

Nature’s Green Chariot Awaits

It may feel like a daunting task! But living in a sustainable manner is quite fulfilling. As they say, every drop makes an ocean.

Each small contribution to removing harmful chemicals and substances from the environment plays a massive role in preserving it. Better environment, better health, and more savings! What’s not to love about that?

Sustainable Living Is Giving

Sustainability is not about being perfect but about giving back to nature. Take the step to a greener tomorrow with a few simple changes. Sustainable living is about making conscious choices every day to choose green.

Don’t worry about needing to plant a vegetable garden or sacrificing comfort. Remember, every effort put in today creates a healthier planet for future generations to treasure.

So, shop on Beco and turn your abode into an eco-friendly home!