Materials & Process of making Eco-friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Do you know why ear cleaning is so popular in Asia as compared to the rest of the world? That's because we Asians tend to develop dry ear wax which becomes irritating and itchy at times. There is nothing more pleasurable than that little stick of plastic with a cotton-head tickling our ears. But this pleasure comes at a cost. The plastic stem that beautifully fits between our index finger and thumb then makes its onward journey into landfills and/or the oceans. It poses a threat to the land and marine life. Should our pleasures, health and hygiene come at the cost of our ecosystem? Certainly not. And Voila we have the alternative!

Why do we need to look for an alternative? 

Cleaning ears with cotton buds is a common practice that many of us indulge in regularly. One of the choices we make is use-and-throw ear cleaning buds.  These small earbuds are for single-time use and then get thrown away. The stem, which is the major part of the earbud, comprises plastic as the primary material. And every time we throw an earbud, we are adding to the heaps of plastic garbage.

What do you think happens to that waste? The ear-cleaning buds we use and throw so carelessly are harmful to animals as well as our environment. They cannot be decomposed which makes waste management a tiresome task. Apart from affecting the flora and fauna, plastic is also one of the primary materials that are polluting our oceans. These earbuds for ear cleaning are generally dumped into water bodies as they cannot decompose naturally. This has contributed a great deal towards already increasing levels of pollution.

Isn't it perplexing how a small article like an earbud could severely affect the ecosystem in the long run? But you don’t need to worry. We introduced you to the problem so it’s our responsibility to provide you with a solution as well. And if it does not make you feel any better then we are certainly not going to ask you to compromise on your hygiene to protect the environment. So, let's have a rendezvous with eco-friendly cotton buds.

What are eco-friendly cotton buds? 

bamboo cotton buds are naturally sustainable materials. This makes these earbuds easy to decompose as well. 

Does being eco-friendly mean less effective? 

If you are thinking that the material change will make it less effective then you don’t need to worry at all. Those who said 'you can’t have it all' were wrong. These eco-friendly earbuds are as effective as plastic ear-cleaning buds.

The cotton bud on the tip of the paper stem ensures effective cleaning without causing any irritation. This also makes these earbuds suitable for people with sensitive skin types as well as for babies. After all, we want the best for our loved ones and the environment.

Why organic earbuds? 

Environmentally friendly cotton buds are the product you need. The cotton buds are a sustainable way to get your ear canals cleaned. These natural earbuds are compostable and won’t send you on a guilt trip every time you use and throw an ear-cleaning bud.

Besides, these are quite handy and can be used easily for cleaning purposes. The simple design of ear-cleaning buds gives them an aesthetic appearance and makes them easy to store.

How are they better than plastic earbuds? 

Wondering how these cotton buds are better than plastic ones? Well, the material used in the eco-friendly ones is bringing all the difference. Unlike harmful plastic earbuds, these natural earbuds are made up of organic materials. The swab part is made up of cotton whereas the body is made up of paper. No, no trees are cut to get this paper. They use recycled paper.

They do not affect the environment as they decompose easily and naturally. Hence, it helps us enjoy a guilt-free conscience.

How are these cotton buds made? 

If you are curious about the making of these cotton buds, allow us to take you on a short journey to understand the process. The cotton swab that makes both the tips of the earbud is obtained from the swindle process, while the star element of the object, as mentioned earlier is made of recycled paper.

This eco-friendly product eliminates the use of plastic, which is a significant step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Both the materials involved in the production are organic and biodegradable, which makes the whole product sustainable.

Benefits of cotton earbuds

These cotton buds can cater to multiple problems. You can enjoy the benefits of the earbuds in multiple ways. Some of the benefits and uses of ear cotton buds are as follows:

  1. Useful in removing makeup without irritating the skin.
  2. Useful in cleaning narrow spaces like the spaces between the keyboard.
  3. Eliminates the use of plastic thus making it an adequate replacement for ear cleaning buds made of plastic.
  4. Biodegradable and can be disposed of in a compost bin.

Your new ear-cleaning buddies

They say that it takes small drops to make an ocean. Well, it also takes small particles to completely pollute the environment. So, let’s do the best we can. A step that might appear insignificant to us, can actually help our ecosystem. All it takes is a shift towards an eco-friendly health and hygiene regime.

And Beco's paper-made earbuds are here to help you take the first significant step towards this eco-friendly lifestyle. Apart from this, you can explore more from Beco's range and get your hands on the best sustainable products available in the market.

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