Simple Eco-Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Summer

Summer months in most Indian cities are marked by a scorching sun and hot winds. But even in this season, there are many small ways in which we can lead a sustainable lifestyle. One approach is to purchase eco-friendly products, such as reusable straws or detergent liquid. But there are other ways to make your summer more sustainable. Curious to find out? Read this post about how to take your sustainable lifestyle beyond eco-friendly products this summer!

The Importance of Sustainability During the Summer Season

Summer is the season when most of us wish to stay indoors with air-conditioning. It is also a time when our water consumption naturally increases. However, sustainability is also critical during this season for the following reasons.

  1. Fresh produce, organic materials, and some eco-friendly products can face a shortage in the summer months. That is why being sustainable in other areas is important in this season.
  2. sustainable lifestyle calls for a balanced approach throughout the year; therefore, giving up eco-friendly practices during the summer is not suitable for such a lifestyle.
  3. Heavy usage of air conditioners can create large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions in summer.
  4. After winter, rivers and lakes are usually at a low capacity. It means less supply of water during this season.
  5. A sustainable summer involves taking care of your surroundings, including all the plants and animals around you. It is crucial because not only humans but almost all species on earth can feel the pinch of the summer.
  6. While summer pertains to a warmer climate across the hemisphere, certain human activities can considerably affect the micro-climate of a region. That is why you can help maintain a healthy microclimate in your area by living sustainably in the summer.

Eco-Friendly Summer Practices

As you gear up for a sustainable summer, keep in mind these easy and eco-friendly tips. 

  1. Energy-efficient appliances are the sort of eco-friendly products one should be investing in for the summer.
  2. Secondly, don't forget to buy a natural laundry detergent when shopping for eco-friendly products. A good option like Beco's eco-friendly washing machine liquid can help you get through piles of summer laundry in a jiffy. Shop Now!
  3. Use public transportation or carpool whenever possible. That will help reduce your carbon footprint and save money on car air-conditioning.
  4. We're bound to get thirsty in the summer, so carry a reusable water bottle when you head out.
  5. Avoid using disposable straws. If you still want to use one, opt for a reusable metal or glass straw.
  6. Use air conditioners at a higher temperature setting. TERI recommends a thermostat setting of 25-26o C to save energy consumption while maintaining comfortable ambient conditions.
  7. Another recommended practice for a sustainable lifestyle is reducing your energy consumption by unplugging electronics when they're not in use.
  8. Grow hardy and summer-blooming plants. Plants and trees have an excellent cooling effect. Nurturing local plants can be a great way to live sustainably in the summer.
  9. Collect greywater in your kitchen and use it for watering plants. You can also collect water from your shower and reuse it in other areas, such as cleaning your driveway or backyard.
  10. When it comes to plants, there is another crucial tip to keep in mind. During the summer months, try to water your plants early in the morning. It is because the rate of evaporation will increase later in the day, and you will have to use more water to keep your plants healthy.
  11. Keep out some water for the strays and birds in your area. Caring for all living beings is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle. 

These are just a few ways to be eco-friendly in summer. But we're sure these simple, eco-friendly practices have given you enough ideas. Spending a sustainable summer can be easy, and it is also fun. Do give it a try!


sustainable lifestyle is critical all year round, but it is especially crucial in the summer. One way to do this is to use eco-friendly products for home such as energy-efficient appliances. Another way is to use less water when we water our plants or lawns. By making small changes in our daily lives, we can help make a big difference in the long run. This summer, let's all do our part to protect our planet!