The Rise Of Bamboo Toilet Paper In The Market

Has your sensitive intimate area ever protested against the harsh recycled tissue rolls you use? Maybe it just hates the chemically bleached traditional toilet paper? 

Your toilet has definitely rebelled against you for flushing toilet paper multiple times. Your toilet paper is not just bad for your skin or the pipes; it is also harmful to the environment. 735 square kilometres of forests are destroyed annually to produce enough toilet paper for one person. Yikes!

Bamboo toilet paper is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tissue paper. 

The benefits of bamboo tissue rolls

While it is fairly common in India to use water to clean, toilet tissue paper is growing in popularity. Many women use it for hygiene purposes and not just for cleaning the backside.

Globally, about 22 billion kilometres of toilet paper is used annually. 1.9 million trees are cut down every day to meet this demand for toilet paper, not to mention the large amounts of water used during manufacturing.

Tissue paper made from bamboo are sustainable, eco-friendly and renewable. Here are a few reasons for you to shift from traditional tissue spools to bamboo -

1. Great for sensitive skin

It’s a plant… It’s natural… It’s a toilet hero! Our toilet paper roll is a naturally absorbent must-have to keep your skin happy and dry. You know, that annoying itch that strikes at the most inconvenient moments! With tissues made from bamboo pulp, you can feel fresh and comfortable all day.

Maintain hygiene, and avoid irritating itches, infections, and rashes while protecting the environment. The best part about these natural tissue papers? They are hypoallergenic! So it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than other toilet tissues.

So, say goodbye to those uncomfortable and embarrassing moments and hello to soft, gentle comfort.

2. A friend of the environment

Bamboo is a renewable resource; it grows 30 times faster than trees and doesn’t require chemical intervention. It's also a water-efficient resource that does not use much water during planting and manufacturing. 

Your toilet paper may take years to break down when discarded, but bamboo-derived paper breaks down easily and leaves no toxins behind. Our reusable toilet paper means 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Conserve water and reserve nature!

3. A landfill-free future?

These bamboo toilet papers break down quickly compared to traditional tissue papers. Given the chemical-free and unbleached properties of the soft toilet paper, they also do not produce greenhouse gases like methane upon decomposition.

Imagine the environment around you being cleaner and more breathable. This is what a bamboo-friendly future looks like. Bamboo's carbon-neutral properties and biodegradable nature will help reduce your carbon footprint. 

In short, it’s a cheeky-friendly, eco-conscious option!

4. Chemical-free

Disclaimer: Not one ply of paper was harmed by chemicals during the manufacturing process of bamboo tissue paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is a healthier and safer option for your family due to its chemical-free nature. Companies like Beco produce unbleached and chlorine-free biodegradable toilet paper

Two advantages to a chemical-free toilet tissue roll

  1. No toxic gases are released during production
  2. No toxic residue is left behind upon decomposition! 

The tissues are just as effective and reliable as ones made with chemicals. Opting for toilet rolls made with bamboo can help the environment and keep your family's skin safe and healthy.

Don’t let tissue crap on the environment and wipe away your worries at the same time!

5. A definite pipe-pleaser

It's a moment of dread when you realise your toilet is clogged…again! 

Retire your plunger and keep your drains unclogged with bamboo toilet paper. Toilet tissue paper clumps together because of its chemical components when flushed. The lack of chemicals in toilet tissues keeps them from blocking pipes or septic tanks. 

You should still equip your bathroom with a dustbin. Use a compostable bag to throw away the used tissue. It's easier to dispose of it since compostable bags decompose within 6 months. The paper also takes a short time to degrade, unlike traditional toilet tissue rolls.

6. Socially responsible

As a socially responsible brand, Beco adheres to its eco-friendly philosophy. It's not just the products; they ensure their packaging and other materials are ethically sourced wherever possible. Other packaging materials include recycled plastic, cardboard boxes and paper bags. 

So, when shopping for best toilet paper online, be sure to check for these characteristics.

Environmentally friendly, safe and healthy—Bamboo tissue paper checks all three boxes.

Why the market is embracing bamboo tissue rolls

You have probably been using toilet paper for its added hygiene benefits. While using water is hygienic and eco-friendly, using tissues helps keep you clean and dry. The comfort of a dry and hygienic intimate area cannot be understated.

Traditional toilet tissue paper is manufactured using chemicals such as chlorine bleach to make it softer and whiter. From causing cancer to reproductive issues, you can imagine the disastrous effect this has on the human immune system.

Bamboo Toilet Paper, on the other hand, does not require any chemical treatment during production. Add to it its sustainable and biodegradable properties, and you have an ecological winner!

People have become aware of the environmental issues facing the world. With global waste projected to grow 70% by 2050, organic toilet paper will experience a boom in popularity.

Bamboo toilet paper for the win

Tissue manufactured with bamboo pulp negates the many ecological issues of traditional toilet paper.

Clogged toilets? No worries! Tissues made from bamboo pulp break down in water easily and leave no toxic residue. Deforestation? Bamboo needs to be harvested once a year, and better yet, there’s no need to replant it. It’s a low-maintenance plant that requires no chemical intervention. Today, it is used to create durable and biodegradable fabrics, paper and more. No more flushing the forests down the drain! 

Traditional toilet tissue made from trees requires a lot of chemicals and energy to manufacture. These elements cause many environmental issues such as water and air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

Bamboo products can be a boon to your eco-friendly and sustainable home. It's a biodegradable product which means it will not crowd around the already full-to-capacity landfills globally.

So, wipe away your worries and poo-poo! Shop for tissue paper roll online on Beco! Your one-stop shop for all things natural and eco-friendly.