Wanting to Switch to Bamboo Products? Here are your Top Reasons!

Wanting to Switch to Bamboo Products? Here are your Top Reasons!

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Products made of bamboo


In our fast-paced and technology-driven world, take pause to examine the world around you. Within your home. Where everything is at your disposal or is disposable. 24/7 energy at your disposal. Food and vegetables are at your disposal and in disposable packaging. Water in disposable bottles. Today our environment has been treated as disposable too!

Life has become convenient. This convenience, however, is causing ecological trauma. that is already ringing alarm bells. The amount of plastic in our lives is so much that we have developed a blind spot to it. From plastic toothbrushes to plastic combs, there's hardly a thing in our daily life that isn't plastic! Cursed to live forever, soil rejects plastic, which cannot decompose for over 400 years.

Sustainability is also beyond plastic. If you have been patting yourself for having jumped on the climate-conscious bandwagon, think again. Our paper kitchen towels, our paper toilet wipes are made from trees expressly grown only to cater to our kitchen and bathroom needs. In short, paper towels are causing deforestation and possibly an ecological imbalance.

Ask yourself today what you do daily that makes you feel better about helping the earth. If you are fumbling for an answer, perhaps it's time you did a Mary Kondo on your daily life and practices. Perhaps it's time to start introducing small changes in what you use at home from your kitchen to the bathroom, from the bedroom to your entertainment room.

Every Step You Take is a Step That Helps the World

It is never late nor too tough though to start on your sustainability journey. Start small.

Your biggest contribution to the environment could be swapping your comb or toothbrush for greener alternatives. Environmentally unhealthy products have found their way into almost every aspect of our lives. Start today with a KonMari Method Ecofriendly Checklist to improve your carbon footprint - visualize your daily routine, identify what are non-biodegradable products used, eliminate them one by one and replace them with a biodegradable alternative.

Your sustainability journey can start here. Replace the plastic in your house one at a time and swap them for more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Such as bamboo, one of the most versatile plants - softer than cotton as a fabric, tougher than wood and tensile enough to be used as different products - bamboo products like bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo paper towels, bamboo combs, and even bamboo towels.


Among the most sustainable and multifaceted materials, bamboo products are the most eco-friendly alternative to plastic!

Reasons to switch To Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are the most eco-friendly alternative

  • Bamboo is a renewable source as it is one of the fastest-growing…hmm… not plants! It is grass! They take 3-4 months to mature, unlike trees, which can take decades.
  • Products made out of them are tree-free and guilt-free, as bamboo regenerates after harvesting, growing 1.5 inches per hour.
  • It does not need replanting as it regenerates from its roots.
  • They make our earth more breathable. Bamboo clusters release 35% more oxygen than trees and absorb 12% carbon dioxide from the air.
  • It requires one-third of the water required for trees, thus saving a precious resource.
  • It is biodegradable and compostable, taking as less as 45 days to break down completely, unlike plastic, which will live at least for the lifetime of your great-grandchildren
  • Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. These qualities make them hypoallergenic
  • It is biodegradable and contains little carbon. This contributes less to pollution and the depletion of natural resources.

Amazing Ways Bamboo is Used

  • A bamboo toothbrush or a bamboo comb is a good environmentally friendly choice that will ensure a broad smile every morning you look in the mirror, as you have made the first step to sustainability.
  • Bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper as it is unbleached, soft and chemical-free. And does not clog the drains.
  • Bamboo fabric is softer and smoother than cotton and is ideal for clothing, furnishing, and towels.
  • Bamboo furniture is long-lasting durable, and hardy, ideal for furniture, flooring and construction too.

Bamboo products are not only healthy for the planet but also for your skin and body.

Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Bamboo Products - A Step Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Bamboo kitchen towels - What better way to clean up all that dirt in the kitchen than using a bamboo kitchen towel? And help clean up the planet as well!

You can easily shop for them from brands like BECO. Bamboo kitchen towels are five times more absorbent than regular towels. They can be washed and reused up to 100 times.

  • Bamboo facial tissues are soft, unbleached and chemical-free. They are ideal for the skin, causing no irritation, and being hypoallergenic due to their natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Bamboo toilet rolls - Soft, unbleached and chemical-free that keeps you happy that trees or chemicals are not helping you keep your bottom clean!
  • Bamboo toothbrush - Want to wake up to a plastic toothbrush every morning, being an eco-warrior? If you no longer want the plastic to aggressively brush your pearlies, switch to bamboo ones. They are eco-friendly and just as good at cleaning up the food residue in your mouth without leaving the microplastics behind.

BECO bamboo toothbrushes have bristles made from cornstarch with activated charcoal present in them. This effectively removes plaque and prevents mouth odour too.

  • Bamboo wet wipes - Crafted with an anti-bacterial formula, bamboo wet wipes are your perfect companion in the scorching heat. They are also extremely soft on the skin, like soft clouds brushing against your cheeks.

BECO wipes are aloe-infused and hypoallergenic. They are free of parabens and alcohol and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Simple Steps to Live a Sustainable Day

Start where you are. Begin with baby steps. call them home improvements. Slowly, eco-conscious living will be the new normal.

Once you start on your green transformation, you will see how sustainability can be part of everything in our life - the clothes we wear, how we shop or how we use our money or even how we travel. Carbon resurrection can start anywhere. Regardless of how or where you start your journey, every step is a positive step. You are making a difference to the environment and preserving them for your children.

Best part? You do not have to make any drastic changes in your life.

Take the step to a low-carbon future using sustainable products with brands such as BECO. They will help you take the first step. They have a wide range of nature-friendly products including charcoal-infused bamboo toothbrushes, and bamboo towels to help you make the transition, without losing your comfort.

Make those small changes in your life today, so that your children can thrive in a much greener, cleaner, and healthier environment. You can find bamboo products such as bamboo toothbrushes, and bamboo towels online on BECO. Happy shopping!