Floor Cleaning Hacks: Tackling Stains with Ease

Floor Cleaning Hacks: Tackling Stains with Ease

Imagine this: You are wearing your rubber gloves, a mop in one hand, a bucket in the other, and you triumphantly look at the house that you have cleaned, on a Sunday. Aah, the feeling! Your dog walks and pees on the floor, and those hours of scrubbing go down the gutter. Aah, the feeling:(


Floor cleaning is tough, especially when you have kids or pets or both. No matter how much you scrub, there is always going to be that one spot left somewhere. I bet you I got you thinking about that stain that just won’t budge. Didn’t I? So, what should we do about it? Just clean it :)

Here is some tough stuff to clean that we all hate with a passion a thousand burning suns, but, we’ll show you how to clean them!




Ugh, don’t you hate it when your pet, your Lil one, or your hungover friend just leaves reminders of their sickly adventures? Well, that makes the two of us.


What to do?


If you can’t stomach that stench, I suggest, you rub some peppermint oil right under your nose. Now, soak up the vomit with a kitchen towel or a microfibre cloth. This will ensure that the liquid gets absorbed. (Gross, we know) Now scoop and scrape the dried bits of the vomit and throw them in the trash can.


Now, to clean your beautiful marble tiles or kitchen tiles, all you need to do is find a floor cleaner liquid. If you have fur babies or human babies, we recommend you use a floor cleaner that is natural or a chemical-free floor cleaner. All you have to do is mix it with water and mop as usual.


Pet Poo, Baby poo, it’s the same!


Like vomit, make sure you clean it ASAP. The longer you let it sit, the dirtier and messier it is going to get. You don’t need me to tell you how much deep floor cleaning from professional services costs!


A good floor cleaner should do the job. Make sure you use a floor cleaner that is natural or chemical-free cleaner because it is safe for our babies, and we still love them!


Oops, You did it again!


You’re making some delicious food, swaying to the tune of your favorite music, and you hear shattering! Now, there is oil everywhere. Oops!


Don’t worry though, soak up the excess oil as much as you can. Use a kitchen towel or a kitchen napkin. Take some hot water in a bucket and drop in some floor cleaner liquid. The hot water will make it easier to clean.


It’s easy, don’t let one oops moment stop you from cooking your favorite cuisine!


For the Vincent Van Gogh in your child.


Children love bringing their crayons out and painting the walls and the floors! There is no way we can stop them! Because secretly, we love it too! Do we love the mess left behind? Not so much. It is tough to clean those stains, thanks to permanent markers!


A little hot water is going to be your friend. Make sure you wipe the area with hot water using a kitchen towel. Soak your kitchen towel in some floor cleaner liquid and clean the affected area using some pressure.


The stains are temporary but the memories are permanent! Let your child be:)


So, why do you need a safe floor cleaner liquid?


A lot of floor cleaner liquids contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia, sulfates, and phthalates. Pets and babies can consume these items that have absorbed the hazardous chemicals because they spend the majority of their time on the floor. They lick numerous surfaces as well. Along with causing the nose, throat, or stomach a burning feeling, these products irritate the skin and eyes. Due to their keen sense of smell, dogs and cats may experience breathing problems if exposed to the smell of bleach.


Here are a few things to look out for when looking for floor cleaner liquids if you have babies and pets at home.


No Alcohol: Dogs and babies might become ill from ingesting alcohol or coming into contact with it on their skin. It may result in nausea, diarrhea, and other adverse effects. So make sure to stay away from cleaning products that include alcohol.


Free of allergens and toxins: Make sure that chemicals such as ammonia, sulfates, and phthalates are not present in your cleaning supplies. Despite being effective cleaners, several of these chemicals can cause many allergies and respiratory conditions.


Plant-based: The goodness of mother nature is abundant. Many of our mothers and grandmothers relied on natural treatments, and they were correct! If you are looking for an all-natural product that is safe for literally everyone, we suggest trying the Beco floor cleaner liquid.


And yes, remember, try natural, try Beco.