Wipe Right: Embracing the Softness and Sustainability of Bamboo TP!

Wipe Right: Embracing the Softness and Sustainability of Bamboo TP!

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Toilet paper : Some use it, some don’t, some simply can’t do without it. Which camp are

you in? 

While you answer that question : I have a real quiz question for you. Which country invented toilet paper?

HINT : It is one of our neighboring countries. Keep reading to know the answer.

Moving on there are so many facts about toilet paper you need to know. Also, what do you call this bathroom/toilet essential - Tissue paper roll, toilet rolls or toilet paper ? We call them tissue rolls, what you call it, is up to you!

But, let’s dive into a fairly new range of toilet paper : The bamboo toilet paper. 

Let’s start with the basics. What is bamboo toilet paper and how is it made?

Bamboo toilet paper as the name suggests is toilet roll or tissue made out of bamboo pulp. The process of making tree based TP and bamboo based TP is fairly similar. For tree based paper the tree chips or the wooden chips are broken down and made into pulp. On the other hand, bamboo based TP is made from breaking down the bamboo into smaller pieces and then the fiber is extracted from the small pieces of bamboo and made into pulp. This pulp is then made into toilet paper. 

Since bamboo is a grass that regrows super fast without any fertilizers, it makes for a sustainable source and definitely does not lead to deforestation. According to sources, to fulfill the global demand for TP 30,000 trees are needed every day, that makes 10 million trees a year, yikes!

 Is bamboo toilet paper soft?

YES! Bamboo TP is soft AND absorbent. This is because it is naturally soft and absorbent. The bamboo fibres are soft and absorbent. Additionally, the production process, which typically involves using a combination of bamboo fibers and other natural materials, helps in creating a soft and comfortable texture. 

Does plumbing support TP? 

In most cases, the answer is yes. toilet paper is soft and easily breaks down in water making it septic tank and plumbing friendly! Brownie points for bamboo Tp! Yay!

What about bamboo breaking down in nature?

Relax, tissue paper rolls made out of bamboo breaks down naturally and gets fully decomposed with in a matter of months. 

Is bamboo TP expensive?

Well, the short answer is yes, slightly more expensive yet quite economical. BUT, don’t get disheartened. These tissue rolls are more absorbent than paper based toilet rolls making them last longer. It means, less usage and less wastage too! 

Did you know : In the past, one's choice of wiping material was influenced by their economic status. Affluent Romans, for instance, opted for wool soaked in rose water, while French royalty indulged in the luxury of using lace. Interesting isn’t it?

Are these bamboo based tissue rolls for you?

A 100% yes! If you are someone looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly options then yes, these rolls are for you. It is soft, absorbent, breaks down easily upon flushing and environmentally friendly. 

Btw - It’s China. Large scale production of the the toilet paper started officially in the 14th century.

 Don’t hesitate to switch bamboo based tissue paper roll. For you and the environment.