An Eco Traveller’s Guide to Travelling Green

Looking to travel without losing the climate battle? Sustainable travel is the way to go! To be an eco traveller, make a few eco-changes to the itinerary. Choose an ‘ecotel’ instead of a drab resort, shop local, and eat regionally.

There’s so much one can do to help preserve the local culture and the nature of his/her travel destination.

Perk up the Parks with Eco-Travel

The health of the environment is the collective responsibility of everyone in society. As a traveller, one becomes a temporary part of the society they visit. Think of the destination as the wanderer’s own eco-friendly house.

A traveller can help local communities preserve their natural environments by choosing sustainable travelling practices. It also helps boost local economies and the cultural heritage of the place.

Responsible travelling helps in many ways -

  1. Safeguarding habitats from the CO2 gnats.
  2. The ultimate defence of the wild
  3. No more smothering of the local culture
  4. Empowering Local Communities
  5. Boosting local eco-development for everyone’s merriment
  6. An unforgettable quest as the eco-guest

Say Goodbye to Carbon!

Dear eco traveller, green wing it to destination after destination!

There are so many ways to travel consciously. By taking small steps, one can contribute to the betterment of the world. Steps such as using eco-friendly products while travelling can help diminish the negative environmental impacts of tourism.

1. Skip the flight when possible

A train or carpooling with fellow travellers is always a welcome relief to nature.

2. Do not disturb is the most friendly door sign

Use the appropriate evasive measures when there’s no ‘ecotel’ to book. Reuse towels to conserve water and turn off lights and other electrical equipment when not in use.

3. Enjoy the local cuisine with the natives

Skip the lines at uber-trendy restaurants and get a taste of the culture from local shops. Street food corners, small local eateries, and more are the best friends of an eco traveller.

4. Ignore the ‘Eat all you want’ signs

Food waste contributes about 10% to overall global greenhouse emissions. Sample the local food but be conscious.

5. Maps are everyone’s best friend

Use public transportation, cycles, e-bikes, or just leg it wherever possible. Get to know the streets and the forests intimately!

6. Don’t rush it!

Take the time to explore each place to its fullest. Must-sees are great places, but it’s better to experience these and other local hot spots.

An Eco Traveller’s Must-Have Eco-Friendly Products

Travel, but don’t unravel the planet! A traveller’s daily activities can fee-fi-fo-fum through the eco-friendly efforts of most communities. Using eco-friendly products can help a lot when travelling. Try using goods like -

1. Bamboo tissue rolls

Camping in the woods? Tissues that can clean and biodegrade without leaving any trace would sure be good to carry!

2. A steel bottle to stop the green throttle

Carry a steel bottle to fill with water on the go. Refill at kiosks, restaurants, and more to avoid buying plastic bottles.

3. Eco-friendly laundry is dandy

Say no to laundromats! Instead, pop a laundry sheet in a bucket of clothes and cold water. Conserve water, energy and keep away harmful chemicals from water bodies at the same time.

4. Wipe away the sweat, not the environment

Feel refreshed with aloe-infused bamboo wet wipes. It’s natural, hypoallergenic, and 100% bamboo!

5. Shop, but don’t let the trees drop

Avoid using paper or plastic bags and conserve non-renewable resources. Cotton cloth bags are the perfect way to keep stylish and green!

Tips for the Right Type of Transit

Green tourism is nature favouritism! But one of the biggest questions when travelling is - ‘How to get from point A to B sustainably?’

Here’s the answer everyone’s been looking for -

1. Non-stop flights don’t put nature in tights!

Flights require most of their energy and fuel during take-off and landing.

2. Ride-share for full nature care

Use ride-share apps like Uber, Lyft, and Ola to visit every place on the wishlist.

3. Leg it!

Walk around the city to properly experience its community and culture. Save on fuel and carbon and gain an unforgettable experience.

4. Bus, don’t fuss!

Public transportation is never the wrong answer to sustainable travel.

Local and Green Is the Recipe for Environmental Sustainability

Buying eco-friendly materials and locally manufactured goods at local shops? Here’s why that’s being a responsible eco traveller -

  1. It boosts the local economy
  2. Reduces one’s carbon footprint
  3. Preserves and promotes local culture
  4. Leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint
  5. Promotes local green development

Add on to the 101 million eco travellers list

An eco traveller only leaves behind memory imprints. The importance of sustainability in today’s time cannot be discounted. With a growing climate crisis, wouldn’t it be better to weigh the scale down to the green side?

Taking the time to experience each location and getting to know the local scenery is the ideal of green tourism. An unforgettable experience for a traveller and a lovable nudge to nature, it’s a win-win. Add in organic products and responsible transportation, and you have a cauldron brewing for the greenest eco-travelling spell!

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