The Durability of Bamboo Toilet Tissue Rolls: A Comprehensive Review

Versatility is bamboo’s middle name!

Bamboo is the sustainable alternative you have been looking for. Did you know that bamboo’s use as paper can be traced back to ancient China? Due to wider availability and lower cost, it was used for paintings and calligraphy. But that’s not all! Your most beloved hygiene product, the tissue roll, was once used by Chinese royalty for their hygiene needs.

This all-rounder plant has had many uses over the centuries. Cultures globally have used bamboo in construction, making furniture and building musical instruments. Some of the factors that made it such a vital part of everyday life in ancient times include:

  1. Sustainability - Bamboo grows faster than other tree varieties. It regrows over existing root systems, and you won’t have to keep replanting the bamboo.

  2. Naturally lightweight and durable - Bamboo is pliable and won’t warp easily in humid climates.

  3. Water and bacteria-resistant - Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and water-resistant. In tissues, its water resistance is enhanced in its absorbency rate. The antibacterial qualities of bamboo keep microorganisms from spreading or growing. 

Overview of Bamboo Tissue Rolls and the Reason behind Their Growing Popularity

Toilet tissue manufacturing is like construction! It’s all about being flexible, durable, and lightweight but with a softer touch. 

You must have heard the saying — ‘Sustainability is the future’. Bamboo products are naturally bio-degradable and compostable and a better green alternative to use in your bathroom. Why not recycled tissue paper roll, you ask? 

Recycled toilet tissue paper can be harsh on your skin. Besides its rough texture, it is bleached and soaked in chemicals to remove residue from recycled papers. 

A bamboo tissue foregoes the use of chemicals during manufacturing. Its soft and enduring quality also protects your skin from rashes and irritants. It is just one of the reasons for the growing popularity of bamboo products. Other reasons include:

1. Supports Local Communities

Its popularity as a raw material has grown due to its versatility and eco-friendly properties. As the fastest-growing and easily cultivated plant, it provides year-round jobs to local communities in Africa and China. 

2. Carbon-Friendly

Sink that carbon!

It’s a carbon-friendly plant that absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Studies have found that Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen upon absorbing CO2

3. Restores Land

It doesn’t ruminate; it rejuvenates!

Bamboo’s inherent durability and natural antibacterial properties make it a valuable tool for restoring degraded land. Its ability to reduce soil erosion, absorb harmful chemicals, and revitalise nutrient-depleted soil has been well-documented.

4. Fast-Growing

Bamboo is renowned for its fast-growing quality, making it a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Did you know that Bamboo species can grow up to 3 feet in a single day? It makes it one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. It can be harvested within three to five years due to its rapid growth rate. 

5. Biodegradable and Compostable

Bamboo is not only fast-growing but also biodegradable and compostable. Unlike plastic, bamboo products break down naturally and return to the earth. Additionally, it is an excellent source of natural compost due to its high nitrogen content

If you are looking at ways to dispose of your bamboo products without flushing them away, compost them. It can help reduce waste and contribute to a healthier environment.

What Makes Bamboo Tissue Rolls Durable? 

Bamboo is a symbol of stability, flexibility, and resilience in Asia. Over the centuries, civilisations have used their natural strength in construction, building furniture and more. Its durability comes from several factors:

  • Longer and stronger fibres compared to traditional wood pulp fibres are used in regular tissue paper. The plant’s tensile strength is higher than that of most trees. Hence, toilet tissue roll made from bamboo is less likely to tear or break apart during use.
  • Its natural resistance to bacteria and fungi helps to prevent the tissue paper from deteriorating over time. 
  • Its regenerating ability allows it to regrow quickly from its existing root system.

Advantages of Durable Tissue Rolls

Just imagine a rash-free and fresh feeling all day! No suspicious wiggling around or itching. A dry and healthy skin near the bum is all you need. 

A toilet roll made with bamboo pulp is soft and absorbent. It keeps the moisture and bacteria away and prevents itching and rashes from forming.

Bamboo’s natural qualities have made it a versatile material for various industries over the centuries. Given the widespread call for sustainability, bamboo products have the potential to replace traditional toilet paper.  

Get on the bamboo toilet paper bandwagon to enjoy several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Because they last longer than conventional toilet paper, this durable alternative can help you save money in the long run.

  • Convenience: Organic toilet tissue rolls need to be replaced less frequently, which means less hassle and less waste.

  • Sustainability: By reducing the frequency of replacements, bamboo toilet paper helps diminish waste and promotes sustainable living.

  • Softness: Despite their durability, many organic toilet papers are made from soft materials, making them a comfortable choice for daily use.

  • Eco-friendliness: Bamboo is renewable and biodegradable, making it the perfect green alternative for use in your bathroom.

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