Ways to Lead a Sustainable and Eco-friendly Life with Beco

Small steps, big impact

More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year, 50% of which are single-use items such as straws, blenders, coffee cups, and shopping bags. According to the Plastic Ocean Foundation, 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year, half of which is thrown away after one use.


And since only a small percentage of plastic is recycled, 75% of plastic ends up in waste, polluting landfills and oceans. In particular, plastic that ends up in a landfill can take hundreds of years to decompose, release toxic chemicals into the environment when exposed to heat, and even be blown into nearby water bodies by the wind. Single-use plastics also have such low recycling rates that most of them end up polluting the environment, animals, and people with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and microplastics in the water. While recycling waste materials can help reduce the amount of waste in landfills, waterways, and ecosystems, most municipal governments can only recycle a few types of plastic.


Tips to Lead an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Lifestyle

We need to stop ocean pollution and plastic waste at the source, which also means changing our behaviour and finding eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Here are our tips for reducing plastic consumption and eliminating single-use plastic in everyday life. Carrying reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable garbage bags is a great way to avoid single-use plastic in our daily lives.


For example, our eco-friendly products, such as the reusable kitchen towel, are made from 100% organic bamboo extract. It is a strong material and completely biodegradable.


The average person uses about a pound of plastic bags a year. The usefulness of these thin, tear-resistant bags is minimal, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. While some plastics can be recycled, many end up clogging waterways and ecosystems. Using biodegradable garbage bags can help further reduce this plastic footprint while also being cost-effective as it eliminates plastic bag fines. 


Once you start using eco-friendly garbage bags, you will realize that reducing your plastic footprint is easier than you thought. While reducing the use of plastic may seem overwhelming, it starts from unlearning and changing our individual practices. Replace single-use plastic sandwich bags with reusable plastic, glass, and stainless-steel containers. Or consider switching to eco-friendly waste disposable bags that are 100% compostable, so they decompose naturally. Bring your reusable containers like cans to get rid of plastic.


Some highlights of biodegradable garbage bags:

  • Completely odourless
  • Made of corn starch and other natural extracts 

At Beco, we also offer bamboo facial tissue as eco-friendly napkins. This can be used for different purposes to absorb moisture and fluids. Tissue is a day-to-day product that can’t be easily eliminated. To reduce plastic usage, it is wise to choose completely plant-based products with no side effects on nature.

Sustainable living is the key to creating a healthy and habitable future. Beco cares about this vision and has released a wide range of home products that promote an eco-friendly life. Once you look at eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, you can eliminate all illnesses and diseases that come from the prolonged use of plastic. Using bamboo eco-friendly products from Beco will improve your quality of life and ensure the safety of the planet too.


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