Roll Out the Green Carpet for Your Next Sustainably Healthy Switch: Bamboo Toilet Paper

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Home is where the bath is!

Did you know that each of us spends over 2 years of our lives in the bathroom? It's where we read our morning messages, answer emails, and check our social media. Everything in the bathroom—from a warm bath to your favourite scented soap—provides you with a sort of comfort. So why shouldn’t your toilet tissue paper do the same?

Naturally soft, chemical-free, and anti-microbial bamboo toilet paper is the perfect alternative to your tissue roll. Traditional toilet paper is manufactured using the pulp of softwood and hardwood trees. While more popular at the moment, these trees require pesticides and other chemicals to grow and break down during manufacturing.

Roll With Sustainability! Bamboo TP Protects the Environment and You

Bamboo is a versatile raw material that can be used to create eco-friendly and sustainable products. It is true that traditional counterparts of bamboo toilet paper can be cheaper and are more widely available. But the overall cost-effectiveness of the natural product cannot be ignored.

It's strength and clog-free properties give it an edge over your normal toilet paper roll. Reduction in waste, pipe clogging, toxic residue or crowding in landfills are just some of its many benefits.

Expect to see more tissue products made with bamboo pulp when you’re out shopping with your family. The bamboo pulp tissue market size is expected to grow exponentially by 2030. The innovations and the rise in demand for sustainable products are driving the industry forward.

Add to this its fast-growing nature and natural durability it's a natural throw-in to replace existing environmentally destructive resources.

When grown sustainably in tropical and subtropical climates bamboo can be extremely beneficial to human and environmental health. Some of the benefits of bamboo toilet paper include the following.

1. Organic all the way! 

No pesticides and chemicals are used to grow bamboo. Your normal toilet paper is manufactured with the pulp of trees like gum, oak and Douglas firs. While some are farmed with the help of pesticides and other chemicals, many are sourced from old forests.  

Your intimate area will thank you for choosing chemical-free organic toilet paper!

2. Bye-bye bacteria! 

The bark of the bamboo plant is anti-microbial making it a rare species of plant that can withstand anything nature throws at it. Most bugs and insects do not survive contact with the plant. This is one of the key reasons a bamboo plant matures in 3 years. 

3. Green and Clean!

The growth and manufacturing cycle of bamboo helps eliminate the use of environmentally damaging elements. From reduced use of water to chemical-free farming it produces at least 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

4. The Superman of Plant Fibres

Thanks to the height and width of mature bamboo, toilet paper rolls are more strong and more durable. The natural qualities will provide you with better hygiene and produce less lint upon use.

Sensitive Skin? Bamboo tissue rolls to the rescue! 

What’s your ideal tissue hygiene product? One that can wick away excess moisture and is soft and gentle on the skin? And it also needs to be durable to not tear quickly while in use. Bamboo tissue products check all the boxes.

Here are a few of its many benefits that can help you maintain your hygiene and keep you fresh all day.

1. Gentle and strong! 

No one wants harsh, textured tissue near their most sensitive parts. Just imagine trying to wipe your bottom with sandpaper! It's important to choose hygiene products that are gentle on the skin and don’t tear easily. Bamboo toilet tissue roll delivers exactly that! 

Its softness is a result of its naturally soft fibres and the absence of chemicals during manufacturing.

2. No chemicals, No guilt! 

Due to its natural anti-bacterial properties, farming Bamboo does not require pesticide use. Even during manufacturing bamboo fibres are broken down into pulp with the use of water. This lack of chemical involvement helps make Bamboo the sustainable product that it is.

You can use a bamboo toilet tissue roll without worrying about its environmental impact and your sensitive skin.

3. Bye-bye rashes!

Skin allergies are often triggered by synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, and small particles like lint. This can lead to rashes and irritation for those with pre-existing allergies or with continued use of a chemical-based product.

Toilet tissue paper made with bamboo pulp are chemical-free and leave behind no lint or residue after use.

4. Keep dry on the fly! 

Fun fact - bamboo toilet paper absorbs moisture 2 times faster than normal tissues. This makes them effective against irritation and rashes caused by excess moisture. Using bamboo pulp tissues is like using a sponge to soak up water, rather than a towel. They quickly wick away moisture from your skin to help keep you feeling fresh all day.

5. Bacteria is old news! 

Due to their natural antimicrobial properties, the chemical-free tissues inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. This is helpful in avoiding UTIs, the spread of harmful microorganisms and skin allergies.

The Natural Touch of Health: Organic Tissue Paper Rolls

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial qualities that don’t require the use of chemical pesticides during harvest. Its many benefits will give you a comfortable and hygienic Bathroom experience. 

From avoiding unwanted rashes to keeping you healthy, bamboo reusable toilet paper plays many roles. Be gentle to your skin and to the environment with this small change. 

For a more sustainable and hygienic tomorrow, shop bamboo toilet paper now at Beco. 


What are bamboo toilet papers and how are they made?

Toilet paper made with bamboo pulp is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper. They are unbleached, clog-free and chemical-free.

To produce these bamboo toilet paper rolls bamboo stalks are harvested, chopped and pulped using water. Its production rarely involves the use of chemicals or bleaches making it an eco-friendly option. After the pulping process is complete, it is pressed into thin sheets to be rolled into a spool

Are bamboo toilet paper rolls safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, tissues made with bamboo pulp are gentle on sensitive skin. Chemical-free, soft and durable, they don’t cause skin allergies, rashes and irritations

Are bamboo tissue rolls softer and more comfortable than regular toilet paper?

The moisture-wicking quality of bamboo paired with its natural durability produce a tissue that is softer and stronger than its traditional counterparts

How do bamboo tissue rolls compare in price to regular toilet paper?


Traditional toilet paper rolls are generally less expensive than bamboo ones due to their wider availability and use. However, biodegradable toilet paper made of bamboo is becoming increasingly cost-effective as bamboo pulp becomes a more popular option in the industry. This is due to its clog-free and chemical-free nature, leading to reduced waste and environmental impact.


Are bamboo toilet paper rolls environmentally friendly and sustainable?


Bamboo is a plant that does not require pesticides during its growth cycle. It is also known to restore land, reduce soil pollution and more. 

Bamboo toilet paper is usually compostable and biodegradable. These napkins do not harm the environment or leave any toxic residue upon breakdown.


Where can I purchase bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is easily available on the Beco online store. Choose between four different pack options based on your family’s requirements - a pack of 4, a pack of 12, a pack of 16 and a pack of 24