Laundry Liquid Super Saver Combo (Top Load - 4L)

Laundry Liquid Super Saver Combo (Top Load - 4L)

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Quick, what’s 2+2 ?Yes, it is 4 but 4L of Top Load Laundry Liquid Super Saver Combo! That’s right, a super saver combo for your laundry needs! Our Top Load Laundry Liquid is obviously derived naturally and removes stains effortlessly, promise! Coconut & plant based formula + 5 bio-enzymes = Beco Laundry liquid (Top load) We are natural, effective and really the best choice for your clothes! Try it & see it for yourself!



  • Safe to use on delicates and all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, denim, silk, khaki, polyester, spandex, linen, etc.

  • Leaves behind no toxic residue on clothes as it dissolves easily in water.

  • Keeps colors bright even after multiple washes and ensures fabric care.

  • This saver combo pack includes two 2L (top load) refill pouches.

We could go on but do you really need more?